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The Trellis Trap™

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Growers - Has this happened to you?

Growers, you struggle with lots of springy, sticky plastic trellis.  

You waste valuable time handling trellis at harvest time.

You fill numerous containers and send a large volume of trellis to the landfill.


Trellis Trap™ it! (patent pending)

The right tool for every harvest

To streamline your process and improve safety.

Save 1-2 hours per harvest (typical) and up to $4,000 annually if you harvest bi-weekly.

Faster Harvests icon

Faster harvests

Safer operation for your employees icon

Safer for your employees

Touch trellis once and be done icon

Touch trellis once and be done

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Improve space management

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Sensi Mag included the Trellis Trap in the national gift guide.

Trellis Trap™ Customer Reviews


We were the first grow in the nation to test the Trellis Trap prototype. We knew immediately this was a product we had to have. Now we can't harvest without!

Shawn - 12/14/2022
Taylor Farms, CO

I loved it... I would def recommend, it was nice bc using a regular 5 gallon bucket does not work, it does not stay in there and comes out causing frustrations. prob saved us at least 1-2 hr.

M.T. - 1/3/2023
Resin, OK

After trying the Trellis Trap I've certainly decided it is a tool I can't live without. I've been plagued with the never-ending hazards and headaches that come along with using trellis.

C.S. - 1/3/2023
Heartland Farms, OK

The harvest crew thought it was awesome! The Trellis Trap quickly consolidated the trellis netting and it replaced a large trash can.

Pat - 3/16/2023
Algoma Farms, OK

Very nice product. It works well, saved time, and made a nest of trellis.  It consumed 200' of 5' wide trellis

Ryan - 5/2/2023

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