Customer feedback from Oklahoma.

After experiencing just one harvest with the Trellis Trap I've certainly decided it is forever a tool I can't live without. As a commercial grower here in Oklahoma I've been plagued with the never-ending hazards and headaches that come along with using trellis nets. The Trellis Trap immediately surprised not only myself, but a whole experienced harvest crew on how efficient and helpful it was on adequately capturing all of our trellis net. We harvested 5 rows, each with 2 tiers of 6x60ft trellis nets. We easily were able to fit both tiers of trellis netting on a single row into the Trellis Trap with plenty of room to spare. Our harvest technique involved cutting the trellis net into smaller pieces as we broke down plants which led to potentially increased storage. Through all our harvest in the past, we never have been able to keep control of this much netting without it turning into an almost literal Trellis Net Monster. For the first time we were able to completely harvest and clean up a single row without having to take multiple trips back and forth down the isles picking up the dangerous remnants that can lead to tripping hazards further down the harvest process. 

We found the Trellis Trap incredibly easy to pass around and integrate into our normal harvest routine. Every crew has a certain process they stick to and sometimes integrating new tools is easier said than done, but this tool proved to be exceptional in terms of immediately showing its worth. Throughout our whole harvest we discovered zero problems with its durability, and it held to its fullest integrity from beginning to end. The rubber membrane performed perfectly at trapping the trellis net and keeping it in place while remaining durable and tough during the two- 12hr harvest days. We experienced zero issues with the membrane ripping our gloves and it never seemed to be in the way. 

I believe this is extremely important and essential for all commercial Canna businesses that use trellis netting on a regular basis. Not only does it tremendously help productivity, but it also serves as an important safety tool to keep work areas clean and secure in the event of a sudden emergency. The future of Cannabis is efficiency and when you have the right tools, efficiency becomes simple. And when you pair efficiency with safety it only makes sense.

Charlie S. (Resin)

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