Does your harvest look like this?

Trip hazards with trellis
Multiple touches of trellis
Harvest staff twisting & compressing trellis
Trellis waste doesn't stay put in containers

Solution - Trellis Trap™

Trellis Trap™ - CAN Innovations

Faster harvests

Growers get frustrated with large amounts of springy, sticky plastic trellis. By eliminating multiple touches to trellis waste before final disposal you can reap a financial return up to $4,000 annually if you harvest bi-weekly. Enables quicker harvest by eliminating the wasted motions of your employees which are repeated hundreds of times during each harvest.

Safer operation for your employees

Harvest staff love the Trellis Trap™ versus ineffective and aggravating 5-gallon buckets. Our proper tool prevents them from throwing trellis on the tables or even worse, on the floor. Eliminate your typical trip hazards by always keeping trellis waste contained. Prevention of trip and fall accidents can easily save you $20,000 to $50,000, per this OSHA link. Estimated Costs of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses and Estimated Impact on a Company's Profitability Worksheet | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (

Touch trellis once and be done

Saves 1-2 hours per harvest according to our customers (see testimonials). Eliminates the need to twist the trellis to keep it in a 5-gallon bucket or other container.

Improve space management

Holds ~250 feet of 4’ wide trellis netting, eliminating the need for numerous 5-gallon buckets or large trash cans. It can also be used to store trellis netting for reuse.

Reduce waste

Reduces landfill volume by ~80% by compacting the trellis net into a "trellis nest" just like you see with a kitchen trash compacter.

Protect wildlife

The Trellis Trap™ creates a tightly compacted nest of trellis which substantially reduces the risk of wildlife entanglement and/or death in landfills.

What does the Trellis Trap™ do?

It makes your harvest team more efficient and decreases your reset time.  It does that by reducing the time and frequency of handling large amounts of springy, sticky trellis.  

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How does the Trellis Trap™ work?

Rubber membrane

The three flaps open as you insert a full hand of trellis and upon retraction of your hand the flaps revert to swipe the trellis from your hand.  The trellis waste stays where it should and you never have to remove the trellis with your second hand.  It just works.

How does the Trellis Trap™ work?

The interior is lined with 6 equally spaced 10 inch long combs which snag the trellis netting and doesn't let it back out the top.  Once trellis is in, it stays in.  Periodic full-stroke compresses allows you to continue filling the Trellis Trap™ until the compressed trellis nest protrudes from the rubber membrane.

Ergonomic 360 degree grip

Designed to make it comfortable to grab, lift. and/or transfer to your co-worker.  Comfort makes it enjoyable to use.

Visual notch in grip

The notch in the top grip provides a visual indicator of where to open the lid at the bottom.  Again reducing the time it takes to open and remove the trellis nest.

Exit lid

What goes in must come out, so we designed a rugged hinged lid that only requires one hand to open and extract the tightly compressed trellis "nest".

Testing the Trellis Trap™ @thelaughinggoatco

Testing the Trellis Trap™ @horizonfarmsok with @ics_ben

The Trellis Trap™ is the newest, most innovative harvest tool that streamlines your process. Its unique design saves you time and money with each use.

  • Makes your harvest team more efficient and decreases reset time

  • Eliminates the need to use other ineffective and aggravating containers

  • Provides a safer operation for your employees by keeping trellis waste contained

  • Saves you up to $4,000 annually

  • Holds ~250 feet of 4’ wide trellis netting

  • Reduces landfill volume by ~80%

  • Protects wildlife

30-day money back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, excludes rubber membrane since it is a wear item.

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Trellis Trap™ makes your harvest more efficient.


We were the first grow in the nation to test the Trellis Trap prototype. We knew immediately this was a product we had to have. Now we can't harvest without!

Shawn - 12/14/2022
Taylor Farms, CO

I loved it... I would def recommend, it was nice bc using a regular 5 gallon bucket does not work, it does not stay in there and comes out causing frustrations. prob saved us at least 1-2 hr.

M.T. - 1/3/2023
Resin, OK

After trying the Trellis Trap I've certainly decided it is a tool I can't live without. I've been plagued with the never-ending hazards and headaches that come along with using trellis.

C.S. - 1/3/2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Other containers are ineffective, inefficient and creates frustration from your staff which impacts their behavior during harvests.  Specifically, the behavior of cutting and dropping trellis waste to the ground or tables, which then creates a safety hazard and inefficient use of time and labor dollars because a secondary pick-up effort is required.

Our product encourages a safer, more efficient harvest by enabling the harvest team to immediately dispose of the trellis waste and never touch it again until time to remove the trellis "nest" from our device.   Check out the testimonials above and review our Instagram posts @canna.innovations   Don't miss out on a financial return up to $4K with bi-weekly harvests and prevent fall/trip accidents which can cost anywhere from $20k - $50k.

Yes, there is no problem with wiping down the surfaces with these 5-10% solutions.  Do not allow any of the plastic materials to be soaked in liquids.

It took us months to select the correct material, but we settled on a material that is FDA approved. This eco-friendly elastomer is derived from natural sources in South America and South Asia

The Trellis Trap™ is designed with stainless steel screws which hold the membrane's retention ring.  Those can be removed and users can replace the membrane.  We expect these to last forever, but just in case, we stock these as spares which you can purchase from our website. 

The membrane is a wear item and therefore not covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

Yes, the six combs are easily replaceable by the user and no tools are required.  We expect these to last for years, but just in case we stock these as spares which you can request replacements (see warranty below).

For a quick clean you can simply wipe it down with your typical bleach or IPA solutions (max of 10%).  For a deeper clean of the rubber membrane, it can be removed via the SS screws and cleaned with your normal trichome cleaning liquids or soaked in hot water with soaps such as "Dawn".  The combs do not typically have a build-up of trichomes residue to an extent which affects functionality, but those can also be removed if needed and wiped down IPA solution (max 10%) or soaked in hot water with surfactants for a maximum of 5 minutes.  Consult with us prior to using other chemicals.

Yes, we have a 30-day money back guarantee with free return shipping.  If you try and don't like then:

  1. email us at  for RMA number and why you're returning it
  2. box it up 
  3. apply the label we provide 
  4. then ship it
  5. we will refund your money when it is returned 

Yes, we have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, excluding rubber membrane since it is a wear item.  The Trellis Trap™ is designed to last forever, but if you abuse or improperly clean it, then it will void the warranty.  The warranty process is simple and we pay for return shipping!

  1. email us at with your issue
  2. we evaluate issue and determine the proper resolution
  3. we may or may not ask for you to return the unit for evaluation
  4. we ship you a replacement component or the complete Trellis Trap™