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Canoogle™ Database Tool : Non-OMMA licensees only (annual subscription)

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NOTE: For non-OK licensed canna businesses. (i.e. - you don't have an OMMA license)  See other product if you don't qualify.  Account set-up & access within 24 hours.

Finding targets for your product or service in a forest of 11,000 businesses is a lot of work. You look at lists, but they don’t give you all the information you need. You can’t get a sense of the competition due to a lack of visibility. And it is labor-intensive to finally get what you need out of the information available. It decreases your productivity.

Imagine Google Maps meets Lead Generation software for the Oklahoma Cannabis marketYou can log-in, select criteria, and get results in 5 minutes or less. Identify the RIGHT target.  When you start using Canoogle™, you are given access to every licensed cannabis business in Oklahoma. From there, use the extensive filter and view options to find the RIGHT customer. Select from options to look at city, county, zip code, license type, population, etc.  Build your ideal list. 

Once your criteria are set, Canoogle™ generates a comprehensive list of target businesses including everything you need to know to reach them. We ensure business and contact information are part of the full picture, so you don’t have to look to other sources to find what’s missing.

Connect to them first!  Once armed with the RIGHT list of customers, you can act FAST to reach those customers. Before your competition. And the BEST PART, it is updated regularly, so you are always in the know when a new opportunity arises.


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